Math 102  Hybrid - Intermediate Algebra

Fall Semester 2017   CRN: 74200

(This page was last updated August 13, 2017)

Instructor:  Larry Gorden    Telephone: 661-622-2101 

Note:  This web page will be briefed in the Orientation class.

This is a hybrid course conducted online except for 4 required on-campus meetings.  On-campus meetings are on Tuesday, 5:30 PM in building FA4 room 190.

Study/learning assignments include textbook reading, instruction videos, and online tutorials.   All homework and quiz assignments are given online, completed by the student online, and graded online with immediate results.

This hybrid course is recommended only for the student

 Contacting Your Instructor 

 Removal from Class 

 References & Resources 

 What You'll Need  

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 About the Course 

Reading Assignments.  Before working an assignment, read the textbook for the assigned section or view the online video instruction for the section.  You will find a MyMathLab reading homework assignment for each week.  Those reading assignments are not scored and are not used in grade computations.

Homework & Quiz Assignments.  Assignments are due each week on Tuesday at midnight -- except for exam weeks when an exam review assignment will be due prior to the exam.  Assignments may be completed up to two days late (after due date) but there will be a 15% penalty for each day late.

If you don't keep up with assignments, you will be dropped from the class.

See Homework & Quiz Examples.

Homework  is where you develop your math skills.  You will typically have 3 homework assignments per week. 

º  A homework assignment may be completed in multiple logins, that is, you may complete part of an assignment, logout, and login at later sessions to continue working on the assignment.

º  Each question will be scored after you enter an answer and click the "Check Answer" button.  If you enter an incorrect answer, you may change the answer and "Check Answer" again.  After the third time entering an incorrect answer, you will be given the correct answer and will not be given credit for the question.  But you may then click on "Similar Question" to get the question but with different numbers and answer.  Again, you have three tries to get it correct and when you do, you get credit for the question.

º  Homework assignments must be worked in order, you must complete a homework assignment with 80% or better correct answers before working the next assignment.

Quizzes will be given online, one each week covering material for that week.  The quizzes are a good indicator of how you are going to do on the exams -- assuming you completed quizzes without assistance using only your knowledge.

º  You must complete all the homework assignments for the week with 80% or better before taking the quiz for the week.

º  Once you begin a quiz, you must complete it before logging out or getting logged out due to inactivity. 

º  Your answers will not be checked until after you complete and submit the quiz.

º  A quiz may be re-taken (different but similar questions each time) and your highest score counts.

Exams.  There will be two on-campus closed-book midterms and a final exam.  Most of your grade (75%) will be based on these exams.  These exams will be on paper and you are advised to show your work.  You will be allowed to use a calculator; you will not be allowed to use a smart phone or any other electronic device during the exams.


Your overall earned score/grade is determined from the average of your scores in each category.


Grade Range

  • Homework  10%,

  • Quizzes       15%,

  • Midterm-1    25%,

  • Midterm-2    25%,

  • Final Exam  25%

A = 90% and above

B = 80% to 90%

C = 70% to 80%

D = 60% to 70%

F = below 60%

Your current earned score/grade will be available to you in MyMathLab as you progress through the course.

 After Orientation Class - First Week  

Here's what you should do right away after orientation and get off to a good start:

  1. Review this web site and make sure you understand all of it.

  2. Register with MyMathLab per Registration Instructions.

  3. Login to MyMathLab.  The first time you login on your computer, run the "Browser Check" and "How to Enter Answers" (links in Announcements on Home page).

  4. Look around in the MyMathLab interface and understand where things are.  View the online learning resources and see how they work.  Check out the online textbook and know how to use it (see Using the Online Textbook).  Note that links to instructional videos are in the online textbook.

  5. Take a look at assignments that are due in the first week.  Work assignments to get familiar with the interface.

  6. Complete the first set of assignments.

If you have difficulty or have questions, contact me at least a day prior to when assignments are due.


If you have been selected to add (crash) this class, you will be given an "Add Authorization Code" (AAC) that will allow you to add the class online.  See for instructions.

 Your Instructor  

Larry Gorden.  I have taught Math and Computer Programming courses at AVC since 1998. 

I am retired from 32 years civil service at Edwards AFB where I worked in aircraft flight test as a mathematician and computer scientist.  I have a B.S. in Mathematics and M.S. in Computer Science.